Welcome to the Catholic Parish of Brooklyn Park/Richmond

POSTPONED: Parish Family Play Date


It will be rescheduled in the coming weeks.

Current COVID Restrictions

What changes?

  • We are permitted 1 person per 2 sqm. That means the capacity is:

    • St John Bosco - 114

    • St Aloysius - 146

  • Use the QR Code at the doors to register your attendance at the church. If you cannot use the QR Code, record your contact details on the sign up sheet (in case it is needed for contact tracing)

What stays the same?

  • Please continue to use hand sanitiser at the doors.

  • There continues to be no Holy Water, Offertory Procession, no Sign of Peace and no passing of collection baskets (Donation containers for the 1st and 2nd Collection are near the sanctuary of the church).

  • Communion will still be administered by the priest only and we have been asked by the Bishop to distribute Communion in the hand.

  • Archbishop O’Regan has confirmed that the Sunday obligation is still dispensed so please stay home if you are not feeling well

Getting Catholic TV Streaming through

I am thrilled to tell you that our Parish subscription to has come through. And as parishioners you are entitled to a free subscription to the service.

What is

It's basically Catholic Netflix - a streaming service which allows you to view Catholic content on demand. It has inspirational movies and documentaries on the lives of the saints, programs about the Scriptures and the Catholic faith, and it has some terrific programs for kids. You can participate in Mass and other devotions. There are audio programs and audiobooks for when you're on the go, and there is a wide selection of ebooks, both fiction and non-fiction.

How do I get access to it?

It's free to you under our parish subscription! So, take a look.

Go to:

Click: the third option "I belong to a Parish or Organisation"

Type in: Brooklyn Park Richmond Catholic Parish (you'll see it come up as you type) Click "Next"

Type in: Your Name, your email address. Click Sign up.

You're in!


  • Want to be inspired? Watch "Freedom" about the underground railroad or "Bonhoeffer" about the great protestant theologian during WWII.

  • Want to learn something? Watch "Presence" about the Eucharist.

  • Want to pray? Check out the "Meditation on the Stations of the Cross"

  • Want to entertain the kids with great stuff? Put on an episode of "Brother Francis"

You can stream these programs to your laptop via; or you can download the IOS or Google App to your devices.

Mass Times

St John Bosco Church

Sunday 9.00am and 4.30pm

Tuesday 7.30am

Wednesday 7.30am

Saturday 9.00 am

Reconciliation (Confession) : Saturday 9.30-10.00am (St John Bosco, Brooklyn Park)

5.30pm-6.00pm (St Aloysius, Richmond)

St Aloysius Church

Saturday 6.00pm

Sunday 11.00am

Thursday 9.00am

Friday 9.00am

Estia Health, Lockleys

11 am on the First Wednesday of the Month.

Regis, Marleston

10.30am on the First Thursday of the Month.

Parish Directory

Parish Priest: Fr Peter Zwaans

Secretary: Mrs. Helen Gardiner (Thu 9am to 2pm)

Office: 23 Lipsett Terrace, Brooklyn Park (enter via Anna Street)

Phone: 08 8352 3561


St John Bosco Church: 17-19 Lipsett Terrace, Brooklyn Park, SA 5032

St Aloysius Church: 68 Brooker Terrace, Richmond, SA 5033


St John Bosco Primary School: 19 Lipsett Terrace, Brooklyn Park, SA 5032

Phone : (08) 8352 7073

Principal : Ms. Kate Turner

Tenison Woods Primary School: 68 Brooker Terrace, Richmond SA 5033

Phone : (08) 8131 7900

Acting Principal : Mr. Peter Mercer

Parish Calendar

St John Bosco Church

17 Lipsett Terrace, Brooklyn Park.

St Aloysius' Church

68 Brooker Terrace, Richmond.

St John Bosco Parish Office

St Aloysius Church